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What are Boom Cards™ ? How to Use this amazing digital platform with your students!

What are Boom Cards™ ? How to Use this amazing digital platform with your students!

Not quite sure what Boom Cards are and how to use them? I’ll be answering all the burning questions and explaining how I use Boom Cards and how you can integrate them into your classroom!  Grab a FREE set too! Whether you are teaching in-person, hybrid or distance learning, Boom Cards are so versatile that once you start using them, you’ll be hooked! But first, Why should you be using Boom Cards™? There are a few simple reasons why teachers LOVE using them.

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Christmas Charades: A Holiday Activity that your ELL's will love!

Christmas Charades: A Holiday Activity that your ELL's will love!

A great holiday themed game that kids love is Christmas Charades. Not only is it fun - your students will practice some important grammar points while using Christmas vocabulary at the same time.  What they'll practice: TPR: Total physical response or "Learning by Doing" for better language retention. Action Verbs Using the Present Continuous to describe an action in a complete sentence   Included in...

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Halloween Activities to Practice Speaking & Listening

Halloween Activities to Practice Speaking & Listening

Halloween Find Someone Who: Whole-class speaking activity We all know that our students "cheat" when participating in mingle activities. We try to circle the room, listen and pay attention to who is and who isn't actively or correctly participating.What does correctly participating in an ESL/EFL classroom mean? Your students aren't just pointing to the prompt and writing in a friends initials. Your students are using...

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ESL Games Bundle Elementary Grammar and Vocabulary Building Activities

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This resource is a digital download. No physical product will be shipped.

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This is a collection of 4 different must have best selling games for Elementary English Language Classrooms that are bundled for a discount. These games help improve speaking and communication in ESL EFL and ELL classes when language is limited to Present Simple, Present Continuous and Past Simple. The activities allows students to actively participate while remaining within their English comfort level.

By purchasing this bundle you are getting one of the resources for FREE!

All four of these printable activities are included in a zip file. Instructions for opening a zip file can be found here:

  1. Wh- question Card game: Need a creative and competitive way to practice and improve responding to What ,When, Where and Why questions? This is the game for you. Similar to a classic numbers and colors card game that students already know and love - this version is modified to work in Elementary, ESL and EFL classrooms. It helps improve correct answer formation for questions in the Present Simple, Past Simple and Present Continuous forms.
  2. Action verbs miming game: Playing charades is the best way to practice the present continuous verb tense in young learners classrooms. Kids love acting out these action verbs while their classmates guess which verbs they are miming. These cards were designed for use in ESL classrooms, but they are also ideal for primary grades as well.
  3. Present Tenses and Past Simple Question Jar: Students must draw a question slip form the jar and respond variety of questions in either the Present Simple, Present Perfect or past Simple.
  4. What Am I Guessing Game and flap book: This guessing game is a great activity to get students speaking and listening by giving clues to describe common vocabulary words in the following categories: people, animals, places & objects. Your students will have a blast guessing what the word is. It's a great “Ice breaker activity" and is also a fantastic way to review vocabulary. This game is always a hit in my ESL classes.
This resource is also available for purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you prefer to purchase it there, follow this link.

How to assemble and use this resource:
Each individual resource is a full color pdf file. After printing the resources, I recommend laminating  before cutting. This increases durability and ensures that you can continue using these sets again and again.

How will you receive the resource?
After your payment has processed you will be redirected to a download page where you can immediately download a zip file. After opening the zip file you will see each file and save it to your computer. You will also receive an email containing a link to the resource.

* Due to the digital nature of this product. Hot Chocolate Education does NOT offer refunds. Once the product has been downloaded, it can't be returned and refunds can not be issued

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My students and I are in LOVE with your card games! They beg me to play and I don't mind because they get so much communication practice.

Caroline5th Grade Teacher - Emerging Bilinguals

I teach ELD to Grade 2 in Australia. Your activities are so engaging and fun. I wish I would have found you years ago!

SamuelEnglish Language Development, Grade 2

Brilliant! I use these games over and over again and have many teachers asking where I got them!

JessEFL Teacher - Madrid, Spain

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